CFDA Awards: A Fashion Icon Takeover

A street sign splattered with graffiti, a market vendor selling unique vases, the gold lined dusty book hidden in the back of a library with sketches of old world London...yes, design inspiration can comes from anywhere. For those that pay attention to the entertainment industry, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards were last night, and the carpet was engulfed by crystals, sheer fabrics, thousand dollar jewelry and  limited edition high heels that would have any fashion entrepreneur or design lover's mind go insane with creativity.

Don't know what the CFDA Awards are? You're missing out!

Made up of over 400 actresses, singers and other entertainment icons as well as head designers of fashion houses that have lasted a lifetime, the CFDA is a non-profit membership only association whose mission is to:

"Strengthen the influence and success of American Fashion Designers in the global economy."

Take a hint from some of the industry's fashion icons and don't hesitate to take risks when designing your own event!

If you didn't get a chance to check out the show, take a look below at some of our picks for best dressed.

For more information on the CFDA, make sure to check out their website here.