Local Venue Spotlight: Blanc Denver

It was Luis Barragan who said, "the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery" and "Blanc", Denver's newest venue seems to be the embodiment of Barragan's words.

The beauty of this space is that it's completely empty, void of furniture, regulations or any restrictions, making it a blank canvas of expression for any creative mind. With versatility around every corner, this venue is perfect for those that are wanting to create a vision without any limitations.

 It's located right in the heart of Denver, and with the opening of its doors this year, "Blanc" has quickly become a new favorite amongst event designers, unique brides and clients who just want to have room to bring their imagination into the real world.

The building is separated into different sections, the main venue, backyard space, intimate patio and the "innovation room", where business professionals can have a place to exchange ideas and create in an uninterrupted space. So, rest assured there isn't a corner that's creatively untouched.

 Containing a plethora of natural light, open brick walls, and "clever design touches" throughout, one can only imagine the wonderment an artist can design when their minds are free to roam.

Check out our mini gallery below and visit their website for more details on this new hit to our hometown.