"It is rare to be able to say that one person made a complete difference in the shaping and delivery of an important event. 

This was the case with Kierra.  We came to her with specific needs to create a beautiful life-cycle event while keeping the costs down. Kierra took on this challenge with a keen eye to  details -- as if this were the most important event of the century.  She assisted in every aspect of the event -- shaping the theme, menu, quantities, logistics, presentation.  She went way beyond the "call of duty" to make sure that things went smoothly,  She came in as a Party Planner and left as a Guardian Angel.  She worked hard and made it all seem joyous.  Not only were things taken care of efficiently, they were done with great energy, ease,  humor and heart.  Her sense of style and keen aesthetics, gave our event a one-of a-kind signature -- and all this on a budget!

I have worked with many young people supervising internships and jobs and Kierra is one of the most responsible, promising and industrious I have have ever met.  Her work ethic and responsiveness is unparalleled.  Not only that, she LOVES this work.  It really is a calling for her to provide this kind of hospitality and graciousness through event planning.  She herself,  is one-of-a-kind."

-Jan Nadav

Bat Mitzvah 11.21.15