We love your wedding and event planning services. Everything sounds great… So, can you tell me a little more about J.T.P. and what really sets you apart from all the other coordinators out there?

We are full service wedding and event-planning firm, headquartered in Denver, Colorado.We are also able to plan outside of Denver, if needed. Our team is cultured and well rounded, specializing in ornate and multi-cultural celebrations. Our services range from the simple consultation to full service logistical event planning, event design and destination wedding planning.

We have a passion for every aspect of our industry and will provide the perfect mesh of warmth, friendship, straight forward “can do, can’t do” answers, personal attention, out of the box design and pristine organization.

No matter the idea, tradition or custom, we adapt to our clients, not the other way around, providing an amazing experience and lifelong memories throughout the process.

Where are you located? Would you be willing to travel and how do you work with clients outside of your area?

We are located in Denver, Colorado and are more than willing to travel for clients outside of our state. For clients who don't live in Colorado, we are able to communicate via Skype or other online services to accommodate planning and coordination needs. For the day of, we will travel to the location to better assist and ensure the event is a success. 

"So,just out of curiosity, what about your slogan, why was that chosen to represent you?"

Our slogan is:
How many ways can you say, “I Love You”?

We believe that a wedding or event of any realm is an extension of individuals expressing their passion for each other or their respective industries.

For the couple wishing to seal their commitment, the expression can range from intimate to extravagant. Or for the fashion designer producing their first fashion show, their love is expressed to their industry by the patterns and intricate stitches placed throughout their fabric.

We believe the sweat, tears and hard work are all ways to say, “I Love You”.
This believe are the stitches that keep our team passionate and driven to success.

"Wow,this all sounds so wonderful. But, it also seems expensive.
Are we going to be able to afford all this?"

We offer affordable packages for our clients or are able to custom quote to best fit the needs of our clients. 

"But, why do we really need an event planner? Can't we just do it all ourselves?"

On average, it can take 100 hours minimum to plan a “simple” wedding or event. Take into account the extra elements, the DIY projects,research,vendor appointments, event design, budgeting….you’re moving into well over 200-400 hours. When designing and planning a corporate or another event, the hours can exceed well over the 400 (or more).

Our team is your lifeboat.

We are the ones that will handle the stress associated with research, appointment setting, designing, budgeting, charts, projects etc. so that you can focus on enjoying your event without a hitch. 

With experience, passion and continuing education, we will save you from the trial and error that comes with planning a wedding or event.

"What type of client does your company work best with? And how much attention am I really going to get?"

We love client’s who are aware of what they are looking for, have a general concept idea and are open to new spouts of creativity from their consultant.

Whether ornate or simple, as long as you know what you’re looking for and have an idea on how to display your passion for it, you're perfect.

As our client, you deserve as much attention as needed to ensure that your wedding or event is perfect.
We provide a balanced amount of consultant contact, consultant-vendor meetings and a team on the day of your event. 

If, you have a question, concern, idea or you simply need someone to talk to, we’re here,anytime.

"I could definitely use a consultant, but, will I lose control of my own wedding or event if you're planning it for me?"

We are planners, we are organizers and we are designers, we are not power hungry,deceitful or pushy people.

While we will work to create a successful, beautiful event, we will work with vendors of your approval, move forward on designs that you have supported and make decisions based off of your directions.

We will never take the full reigns of a project and leave you out to dry.

Your event is just that, YOUR event.
In other words, your vision is our dream.

"If I have vendors that i've already found, or people that I really wish to work with, are you willing to work with them?"

Without Question.

We are here to help you coordinate and design your event, not force you to use vendors you're not absolutely excited about. 

While we can certainly handle vendor research of any area, we welcome any vendors that have already been found and approved by our client.

We will work with them to ensure their inclusion contributes to your event's success. 

If you're happy, we're ecstatic.

"Are you willing and/or able to take more than one wedding per day?"

We will never accept more than one wedding per day.

While we can take more than one event per day, this is in rare circumstances.

"Great! Now, let's talk money.
Do you take credit cards and/or do you provide payment plans?"

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Payment plans are certainly available and customized to our client.

"It's always better to be safe than sorry. So, do you carry liability insurance?"

Yes, we do have liability insurance that provides us the access to work safely anywhere we are needed.

"We do have a couple more questions before getting started, can we contact you to discuss this further?"

Of course!

We are open to answering any other questions you may have.

Feel free to send us an email at general@jetaimeproductions.com

This sounds like everything we've been looking for, what happens next to begin the wedding or event planning process?

We’re excited to hear that!!

Now that you’re ready to move forward, we ask that you set up your initial consultation with us to see if we are indeed the perfect fit for you.

For appointments made outside of our headquartered area (Colorado), consultations can be done either online or over the phone.